Who is ColAAb

Who is ColAAb

ColAAb is a new Parisian avant-garde art editor launching an innovative project that brings together contemporary visual artists, to create a unique capsule collection of furnishings (lamps, curtains, seating, mirrors…). ColAAb is carried by the work of all those who, since the end of the 19th century, have undertaken to link art and design. By those of the Nabis, the Bauhaus, De Stijlet of the Atelier A, by the creations of Dali and Picasso, of the New Realists, then of Rougemont, Rancillac, Francken or Lalanne.
Resolutely contemporary and open to all trends, from the most minimal to the most baroque, in tune with the desires of today’s artists, ColAAb accompanies them in an original reflection. It allows their work to interact freely with architecture and the living environment, offering the possibility of discovering or rediscovering their work from a different angle, and in a medium that was previously unusual for them.
The creations realized by ColAAb are either unique pieces, or are produced in limited editions based on the sculpture’s model (8 numbered pieces, signed + 4 artist proofs). They are made responsibly, in collaboration with French craftsmen carefully selected for their craftsmanship.
ColAAb’s role is to accompany the artists in the development of their project; their part is to create, ours is to facilitate the realization of their work. We think together about feasibility, technicality, materials, dimensions, colours… Then we look for craftsmen able to produce the work.
The support of our editing/publishing house is also financial since we ensure the production but also the distribution, exhibition, and sale of the works.



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Aurélie SARALLIER, founder and director.

With a professional career that has made her evolve in diverse and complementary environments, Aurélie Sarallier has always been in a way or another anchored in the world of art and culture. Thus she was asked to collaborate in the Académie des David’s creation, a contemporary art prize sponsored by Pierre Cardin. Today, hence naturally and to put art back at the heart of her professional vision, Aurélie has imagined ColAAb, a structure that allows contemporary artists to express themselves through new mediums, and to offer them support and a display case.

Photo : © Vivianne B.